**Updated November 2021

Positive affirmations can improve your life in a multitude of ways.

Saying these affirmations will not only increase your feelings of self-worth, but they’ll also help you eliminate a negative mindset.

It can be challenging to love yourself or feel like you’re deserving of certain things if you constantly have limiting beliefs creeping in each day.

I’ve created a list of 40 powerful affirmations that you can start saying today to help you find success in many areas of life.

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Affirmations to attract money

1. Money flows to me easily.

2. My money is never-ending.

3. I have so much money to do the things I love.

4. I easily find more ways to make money.

5. Money always finds its way to me.

6. I will help so many people with my money.

Affirmations for following your heart

7. I deserve to live the best life possible.

8. I will create my life the way I want to.

9. Having a great life is my birthright.

10. My dream life is on the way.

11. Each day I’m a step closer to my ideal life.

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Affirmations to get rid of anxiety

12. I have everything under control.

13. I have no worries.

14. This is not as bad as it seems to be.

15. Everything will work out like it always does.

16. Everything that I need to do is doable.

Affirmations for when you don’t feel good enough

17. I am more than enough.

18. I am a great daughter, a great friend, and a great _______.

19. I have so much going for myself.

20. I have come such a long way.

21. I am deserving of every good thing this world has to offer.

Affirmations for when you feel like giving up

22. I’m determined to finish what I started.

23. I have the energy, mindset, and drive to _______.

24. Once I finish this task, I will feel so happy.

25. I will never give up on myself.

26. I have the inner strength needed to achieve anything.

Affirmations for positive energy

27. Today is a great day, and I am happy to be alive.

28. There are so many great things to look forward to.

29. Today I will do something that makes me happy.

30. The world is so beautiful.

31. I will be the best version of myself today and every other day.

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Affirmations to get yourself motivated for work

32. I’m so thankful that I have a job I can go to.

33. I love the work I do, and it’s making a difference.

34. I go to work to get one step closer to my dreams.

35. I know someone would love to have the job I have.

36. The work I do gives me money to buy the things I want.

Affirmations to help you live a healthy lifestyle

37. I’m so thankful I have the ability to exercise.

38. I feel so much better when I eat healthy food.

39. I do all that I can to ensure I will live a long life.

40. Exercising makes my body feel so good.

What are some powerful affirmations that you say each day?

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