Meditation has been around for centuries and for a good reason. Regular, mindful meditation can open you up to a world full of peace and insight. 

There are many reasons why someone chooses to meditate.

Maybe you’re trying to reduce stress in your daily life, be it from work or home.

Maybe you lack focus right now and are looking for ways to bring balance back into your life.

Or have you heard that meditation can help you create the life of your dreams (it definitely can, and we’ll get into that later)?

Or possibly, you just want to know what’s all the “hype” behind meditation.

Whatever your reasons are, you’re in the right place. 

In this post, we’ll be diving deep into this great and reflective practice, and you’ll learn how it can quickly transform your life. You’ll also get to do a guided meditation with me at the end!

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Benefits of Meditation

There are dozens upon dozens of benefits of mindful meditation. Below are some of the benefits you can experience.

1. Reduces stress and anxiety

2. Brings you mental clarity (no more brain fog)

3. Improves your focus and concentration

4. Increases self-awareness

5. Lessens feelings of loneliness

6. Reduces any negative energy

7. Enhances empathy and compassion for yourself and those around you

8. Improves sleep

9. Excellent for heart health

10. Helps with manifesting what you want in life

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Who Should Meditate

Anyone and EVERYONE should meditate if they can do so. Mindful meditation knows no stranger and doesn’t discriminate based on age, religion, or gender.

You may have heard how more parents in today’s society use meditative practices to help their children work through anger or tantrums. Or how some nursing homes offer meditation classes for its residents to help them regulate blood pressure or deal with mental illnesses. 

Meditation can positively change the life of anyone who fully allows it.

meditation quote by James Donald Walters

I started meditating in my early teens and soon realized the powers that it had. It wasn’t until I regularly practiced that I noticed the lasting benefits.

How Long Should You Meditate

When it comes to meditating, I always say to start small, then work your way up. If you’ve never practiced before, I’d recommend starting off with five minutes.

Once you feel as if you’ve reached a point where five minutes isn’t enough, continue adding three to five minutes each time.

If you feel like even five minutes is too long, don’t sweat it. Two minutes of mindful meditation can still do you a world of good.

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How Often Should You Meditate

Now, I’m all about habits. For this reason, I think that creating good habits will help shape your life for the better, so I strive to meditate every day; also, because daily meditation is what feels good to me.

While I believe daily meditation has some AMAZING benefits, you need to figure out what feels right for your mind and body. 

If you feel like meditating two consecutive days is too much, try practicing every other day instead. Or maybe you would like to meditate for an extended time on the weekend and then do a few quick practices throughout the week.

My point is there is no right or wrong amount of time for meditating, as long as you’re consistent in some shape or form (i.e., don’t expect outstanding results if you only meditate a handful of times throughout the entire year). 

If you get that “blissful” feeling after meditating, and if you feel more energetically awakened, you’re doing just fine. Don’t get caught up in the numbers; focus on your outcomes.

How Meditation Brings You Closer to Your Dream Life

Many people don’t realize all of the power that mindful meditation holds. By regularly meditating, you’re also clearing a path for the universe to work its magic, for you to live the life that you never thought was possible.

Think about it; when you’re in a deep meditative state, there are no limiting beliefs present. There is no negative self-talk happening. You’re experiencing a raw, pure, and celestial force within you and all around you. 

That’s when you’re most open and at your most abundant state to receive the things your subconscious wants.

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I genuinely believe that if you’re a good person who wants the best for yourself and the world around you, good things will happen to you. As a result, channeling all of that high vibrational energy through meditation will radiate into your present life and unfold right before your eyes.

I’ve created a free email course that helps you envision the life you want for yourself, and there’s a visualization prompt in it that works well with meditation sessions.

I’ve gone through this exact process to help myself get clearer on what I wanted out of life. Click below to sign up for the course if you haven’t done so already!

If you’re currently making some changes in your life for the better, I can’t express enough just how much meditation will help with that entire process.

How to Meditate

1. Find a quiet area (if possible) and sit comfortably or lie down. I like meditating in dark rooms, but that’s a personal preference.

2. Put on some calm, relaxing music if you’d like, or you can also enjoy the silence. 

3. Close your eyes.

4. Focus your attention on your breathing. Take deep breathes in through your nose and out through your mouth.

5. Try to silence your mind.

6. As you’re meditating, if your mind starts to wander (which is normal), re-focus your attention on your breathing, the gentle ups and downs of your chest.

7. When you’re ready to come out of your meditative state, slowly bring awareness back to your body by wiggling your toes and fingers, then slowly opening your eyes.

Tips to Help Your Meditation Sessions

– I sometimes use the Meditation and Relaxation Music app when I’m meditating. You can listen to relaxing playlists that others have made, or you can create one of your own. 

screenshot of the Meditation and Relaxation Music app

– Stretch for a few minutes beforehand. You’ll be sitting in a still position for an extended amount of time, and stretching your body could help relax your muscles.

– Try not to focus on if you’re “doing it right.” It’s quite natural for your thoughts to be all over the place while meditating (it still happens to me), but it will occur less as you practice more consistently. 

– Try to find times of the day that work best for you. I like to meditate in the mornings because it’s quiet, and it helps me set intentions for the day. However, you may be an evening or night meditator who likes to recharge after a long day. Any time that works best for YOU is perfect.

**If you’re sitting on the floor to meditate, I’d recommend getting a yoga mat and possibly a towel to add some extra cushion. These are the ones I use.

Guided Meditation for Abundance

To help you along in your meditative practice, I’ve created a guided meditation that you can do with me. We’ll be entering a gentle, peaceful state to help you unlock the abundance and prosperity that’s waiting for you. Who couldn’t use more of those things, right!?

Click below and I’ll see you there : )

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Meditation is a beautiful, life-changing practice. Welcoming peace, abundance, and prosperity into your life are some of the most extraordinary things you can do for yourself. I wish you nothing but happiness and fulfillment as you move throughout this lovely world.

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