Updated January 2024

Manifestation journals seem to be all the rage right now, and I can definitely see why.

I mean, who wouldn’t want all of their dreams and desires to come true!?

To keep it real with you, I was a tad bit skeptical about creating a manifestation journal, myself.

My left brain couldn’t fathom the idea that all of my wishes could become a reality just by writing them down on a piece of paper.

But here’s the thing…

That’s exactly what happened.

A few months ago, I created a manifestation journal to help make my dream life come true, and the results blew me away.

EVERYTHING that I’ve written in my journal has come true with a little help from the law of attraction.

In a matter of weeks, I manifested a new job, more money, and better life balance.

You deserve all of these great things, too (or whatever it is you desire), and I’m going to show you how to do it.

If you’re curious about manifestation journals or want to start your own this year, keep reading!

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white and pink journal on a table

Step 1: Pick your journal

I encourage you to choose a journal that will compel you to pick it up every time you pass it.

blue manifestation journal on a brown table

This is the journal I chose for my manifestations.

It’s sturdy, has a lot of pages, and the design is breathtaking. Also, it’s super affordable (under $10 at the time of this post).

I’ll link it here if you want to grab it.

Step 2: Set intentions

Next, you’ll want to set intentions for your manifestation journal.

Ultimately, what is your end goal, and what do you want to accomplish?

  • Do you want to live a life of abundance?
  • Are you hoping to find true peace and happiness within yourself?
  • Do you wish to make a difference in the lives of others?

If you need to take a little time with this second step, that’s completely fine.

Dig down deep and be true to yourself.

Then, when you’re ready, write your intentions on the first page of your manifestation journal (and date it so your future self can look back on the intention(s) you wrote).

Step 3: Retrain your mind

Before you write, it’s imperative that you let go of any limiting beliefs you may be holding onto.

In order for your manifestations to come true, you have to believe that you’re deserving of the things you’ll be writing about.

I’ve found that saying positive affirmations each day really helps to get rid of the things that no longer serve you, like doubt or negative self-talk.

Also, before you write, I need to tell you about this amazing practice that will make ALL THE DIFFERENCE in your writing.

journal opened to a blank page

It’s a term called scripting.

It’s so important to use scripting when you’re writing your manifestations.

Scripting is when you write about your dreams and desires in the present tense (and in detail), and as if they are already yours.

For instance, let’s say you wanted to manifest a cute, fluffy poodle.

This is how you’d script it in your journal:

– I’m so happy (insert dog name here) is home with me! He’s such a sweetheart.

– He runs around the house all day long, loves dog treats, and his little face lights up whenever he sees me. I’m so glad I get to be his dog mom!

Do you see what I did there? That’s scripting, in a nutshell!

I talked about the dog as if he were already mine, and because I described him in great detail, it gave emotion to my desires, which is what you want to do.

The more “real” your desires feel to you, the more the Universe (or whatever higher power you believe in) will work to bring them into your life.

Step 4: Write your manifestations

Now, let’s get ready for the fun part – writing your manifestations.

I want to start off by saying there is no right or wrong way to write your manifestations.

You can free write if you’d like.

Or maybe make a list of things you want to manifest.

You can also focus on one specific desire.

It’s entirely up to you!

The most important thing is that you’re free from limiting beliefs while you’re writing, and you’re writing in a distraction-free environment.

I also recommend writing in your manifestation journal after meditating.

After you meditate, this is when you’re the most open and ready to accept abundance.

I’ll link my Abundance and Prosperity Guided Meditation to help you clear your mind before you write.

Step 5: Commit to consistent writing

So, what do you do once you’ve written for the first time in your manifestation journal?

Easy – keep writing!

Now, you don’t have to write every single day, but I recommend you do it a few times a week. The more you write, the more it will become a habit, and the more desires you’ll be able to manifest.

Another reason to write consistently in your journal is because it’s such a great feeling reading through your past manifestations and seeing how they’ve come true for you!

There’s honestly no better feeling than seeing your dream life unfold right before your eyes.

So, there you have it! You’re now ready to start your own manifestation journal!

I hope all of your desires come true and you manifest your dream life in no time.

Peace, love, and good vibrations.

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