Did you know you could become your best self by practicing self-love daily?

If you’ve been having a hard time and struggling in life, it can sometimes seem impossible to pull yourself up from the negative thoughts or beliefs you may hold onto.

Use this self-love list in your daily self-care routine as a reminder that you are worthy of grace, acceptance, and, most of all, love.


1. Set boundaries for yourself

Learn your limits and don’t be afraid to take a step back from people or activities to tend to your needs. If you have no boundaries, it leaves a lot of room for unwanted things to creep into your life.

2. Do more of what you love

Find something that lights your soul on fire and make more time in your routine to do it. Maybe that looks like taking art classes each week or rediscovering your love for singing. Doing more of what you love will unlock a lot of happiness that may have been hidden away.

3. Commit to a daily routine

Have designated times each morning and night to prepare yourself for the day ahead and to unwind before bedtime. Your life will be way more balanced when you have a routine that works for you.

4. Let go of limiting beliefs

What good is it doing you holding onto doubt or negative self-talk? Everything in the world starts with a single thought, so make yours count. If you want to learn how to dismantle limiting beliefs, grab my ebook here for under $2!

5. Talk to your support system

A good support system is so needed! The people who are closest to you often offer valuable words of wisdom when you’re unsure of what to do in certain situations. Do you have a support system in place?

6. Get out of your comfort zone

Life truly starts outside of your comfort zone. You’ll be so glad that you expanded your horizons by meeting different people and traveling more. You’ll learn a lot about yourself that you otherwise wouldn’t have learned.

pink journal on white table

7. Get into journaling

Whether you create a Manifestation Journal or use a regular journal for your thoughts, I highly encourage you to put your thoughts down on a piece of paper. Sometimes it’s easier writing things out than speaking them aloud.

8. Start creating a life you love

Do you realize you can have a life that you won’t need a vacation from just by doing certain activities? To find out how to create your dream life, click here to access my free course.

9. Live more presently

Try not to get so caught up in the future that you overlook the here and now. There is beauty in living in the present moment and being thankful for today’s gifts.

10. Heal from your past

Whatever trauma or pain you’ve experienced in life, find small ways each day to overcome those things. Healing isn’t always a simple process, but it’s necessary if you want to experience true self-love.

11. Do deep breathing exercises

Sometimes we just need a moment to take a deep breath. When life gets to be too much, remember that you’re only a breath away from rebalancing yourself.

12. Practice patience

Have you ever heard the saying, “Patience is a virtue?” Well, it certainly is. Slow down and remember that good things take time and not everything happens overnight. There can be beauty in waiting.

smiling bride and bridesmaid

13. Do something nice for others

A great way to practice self-love is by making someone’s day better. Whether you choose to volunteer at your local shelter or pay for someone’s order behind you in the drive-thru, you’ll feel so good knowing you put a smile on someone’s face.

14. Create a goal list

Nothing says self-love more than knowing you’re actively working towards something that could improve your life. What do you have on your goal list this year?

15. Get rid of toxic people & environments

If a certain person or place makes you feel uneasy or bad about yourself, consider removing that person or place from your life. Life is too short to deal with toxicity of any kind, so do yourself a favor and nip it in the bud.

16. Don’t compare yourself to others

Comparison is truly the thief of joy. We were all meant to walk different life paths, so it’s honestly pointless to compare your life to someone else’s. Take pride in your own remarkable journey and enjoy it as much as you can.

17. Put your phone on dnd

Detaching from the world of social media every now and then and spending some quality time with yourself or loved ones will do you a world of good. “Hey, Siri, can you turn on do not disturb?”

18. Start saying no a lot more

Notice how much better you’ll feel when you decline the things you don’t really want to do. Don’t please others at the expense of yourself.

19. Be intentional with your time

It can be very easy to waste the day away and not do anything (which is sometimes needed), but the more you stick to a schedule and become intentional with how you spend your day, the more accomplished and at ease you’ll feel. Is there really any better feeling than knowing you’ve checked off everything on your to-do list?

20. Meditate daily

In as little as five minutes, you can free yourself from anxiety and the stresses of life. Tap into your inner Buddha and try to squeeze meditation into your daily routine a little more.

21. Fall in love with yourself & your imperfections

No one on this Earth is perfect. Don’t pick yourself apart, and remember that you are perfectly imperfect. Try your best to fall in love with yourself — all parts.

22. Go outdoors more

Mother Nature has this beautiful way of energizing you in a way nothing else can. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or want to clear your mind for a few moments, spend some time outside. This is one of the best ways to practice self-love.

smoothie bowls on a table

23. Make your health a priority

Your physical and mental health are extremely important, and these are two areas in your life that you don’t want to take for granted. If you haven’t started your health journey yet, now is a great time!

24. Advocate for yourself

An important part of self-love is standing up for yourself and your beliefs. No one knows you better than you know yourself, so always advocate for yourself, and especially if someone is infringing on your boundaries.

25. Take a break

Sometimes the best form of self-love looks like you calling into work and lounging in bed. It’s ok to take some time off to rest and regroup. We live in a fast-paced world where taking breaks is frowned upon (crazy, right?), so never feel bad for listening to your mind and body when they tell you it’s time to chill out a bit.

26. Celebrate your wins more

No matter how small it may seem, make a habit of celebrating your achievements throughout life. You’ve crossed off a goal, so that’s something to toast to!

27. Say positive affirmations

Get into the habit of saying positive affirmations each day. These powerful statements will serve as gentle reminders that you are more than enough and deserving of a beautiful life.

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28. Free yourself from other’s opinions

You only have one life, and you’re doing yourself a disservice by living the life someone else has mapped out for you. Regardless of what you do in this lifetime, someone will have an opinion about you, so do yourself a favor and live your life on your own accord!

29. Be kinder to yourself

You’re a human who was transplanted on an orbiting planet. You don’t need to have all the answers, and you certainly don’t need to be perfect. Also, your past mistakes don’t define you. Remember to be kinder to yourself by not engaging in negative self-talk and looking on the bright side of things.

30. Work on your self-esteem

If you have any insecurities (like we all do), take some time to reflect and determine what could be causing you to feel that way. It’s such a beautiful feeling knowing you’ve overcome an issue that has been bogging you down for a while now.

31. Take yourself on dates

Nothing will make you feel more fabulous than getting all dressed up and taking yourself on a date. You’ll get to spend some time doing an activity you enjoy, and it will serve as a little reminder to make self-care a habit.

girl looking in the mirror applying face cream

32. Treat yourself to a spa day

Imagine spending the entire day getting pampered! I mean, who wouldn’t love getting a massage, facial, and mani/pedi?! You deserve a spa day (even an at-home spa day), so be sure to schedule one as soon as you can.

33. Practice daily gratitude

It can be really difficult sometimes to remember all the great days we’ve had when life is constantly throwing bad things our way. I recommend keeping a gratitude journal handy and writing in it every day. You’d be surprised at how many small things you may take for granted.

34. Have more fun & laugh more

When was the last time you had fun? And when was the last time you laughed so hard you had tears in your eyes? When we become adults, it can be pretty easy to get caught up in the “boring adult world.” I challenge you to try seeing the world through the eyes of a child and make more time for fun again.

35. Evaluate the people you surround yourself with

Are the people in your circle in alignment with who you are as a person? You’re only as good as the company you keep, so if your social circle could use a little “spring cleaning,” don’t feel guilty for doing so. Make this the year you only have quality people and healthy relationships in your life.

I hope that you’ve found these little daily reminders helpful if you’re having a bad day and need a dose of self-love! You are a beautiful spirit with a lot to offer the world.

No matter how tough life gets, remember that you will pull through and emerge even better than before. If you ever for a second forget that, come back to this post for a reminder.

Peace, love, and good vibrations.

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